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YAY! you're here! I can't wait to work with you.

PLEASE NOTE: This information will be updated for the 2022 season, but is still current if you're seeing it.

As a small business owner and creative, I know how busy it is. I want to make your transactions as smooth as possible.

To make this happen, I've set up some ready-made packages to kick-start your journey with me. But, you may also know exactly what you want - and I'll make that happen, too. Pick the setup that's right for you, select the payment options that suit your business, and let's get started. 

First, a run-down of what I offer wholesale, what I offer at consignment, and the basics for my business model:

Payment Options:

1. Net-30 payment option: full payment due within 30 days of delivery.

2. Pay Up Front: let me know if you'd prefer to use Paypal, cheque, or credit (via square). I'll set up your payment options and send this your way prior to shipping your order.

3. Check out online: If this is what you want to do, it can only be applied to items that are currently listed in the shop and cannot be applied to original paintings or starter kits. I will email you a coupon code to use upon your request! Your minimum order must be $150 when the coupon is applied (example: Total before coupon is $300; apply coupon to get 50% wholesale rate, and check out at $150.)

Minimum Orders:

As a small business, I offer my work to you at a 50% discounted wholesale rate compared to what my own buyers pay. Because of this, I have a minimum order amount of $150 for the 2021 season.


Shipping fees will be determined after the items have shipped. If you have selected the Net-30 payment option, your invoice will be updated once the order has shipped. If you have paid up-front or checked out online, you will receive an invoice after the items have shipped. Pick up is available at no cost. *If I know I will be in your area at a certain time, I may be able to drop it off to you at no cost, but this will be determined as needed.*

Retail Price:

It is highly recommended to sell at the retail price, which is what I also sell for on my website and at live sales. This is, of course, a practice in fairness to all businesses carrying my products.


Original art may be carried in a consignment agreement. Original pieces carried in your shop will be removed from my website for the duration of their time in your shop.

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