Hi! I'm Patrick.

I'm an artist, illustrator, writer, and maker. Basically, I just make things (up).

Once upon​ a time, I was a seat filler on Canadian Idol (yes, it was a thing) and I was paid in subway tokens. After that, I blowdried the armpits of dancers on a Canadian kid's TV show. Now? I teach kids, and am raising four feminist boys.

Almost every morning, I get up earlier than anyone else in the house to make things (up).

I learned about storytelling - both with words and visually (in pictures) -  through rigorous, daily practice, reading (a lot) and studying television production at Ryerson University. 

I wrote a manifesto about everything I believe to be true with art. It's right here!

Keep up with me! I'm active on Facebook & Instagram, and you can get emails from me too - I love sending out free downloads and printables, updates on what I'm learning and working, and news on art you can buy!

A Few of my favourite things:


new books
freshly sharpened pencils

the kid's section of the book store

when my kids laugh

that elusive moment of inspiration

old books
the phrase "I have an idea!"

bright colours


and pizza.