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All sessions are 8 weeks in length. Each session (8 weeks of classes) are $184 (including HST). Playgroups are 8 weeks in length, starting at $115 (including HST).

Creativity is something we all have access to, but at some point in childhood, we decide whether we’re one of the “chosen few.”


Creative Rebel Studio is rooted in the belief that we can help more children grow into their creativity, and that families can become creative safe havens for every member.


We’re committed to helping kids and adults heal their art scars and find creative processes and practices that suit their own souls.


We do this through open-ended creation, skill building, mindset shifting experiences, and continuous opportunities to reflect and grow. Art classes allow students to find and use their own voices, rather than copying steps or reproducing what the teacher shows.

Creative Rebel Studio is located 5 minutes from Montague, PEI. 

Patrick Guindon ("Gain-doe") is a professional artist, illustrator, writer and elementary school teacher. After thirteen in the classroom, Patrick left to pursue his dreams - including teaching kids and adults to embrace their creativity, without the red tape and strict rules of traditional, systematic education systems.

The combination of outside-the-box teaching (was there ever a box in his classroom?) and his experience as an artist and workshop facilitator have given Patrick the right skills to lead artists of all ages, whether they're comfy with their creativity yet or not. 

With four kids of his own, Patrick saw the need for creative opportunities for kids in Eastern PEI, and decided to take action.

Creative Rebel Studio has been a brain-baby for several years, and this first rendition will grow, shift, and evolve - just like art does with every experience.

In lessons, you won't find step-by-step instructions. Rather, artists are guided, exposed to new techniques, ideas, mediums and approaches, and classes move with the interest and skill level of each individual and class.

In the studio ...

We'll be offering classes, workshops, Arty Parties, and baby/toddler playgroups.

We'll be offering a small selection of art supplies (with the selection growing as we see what the needs and desires of the community are.)

And, you'll able to view and purchase Patrick's original art, prints, cards, stickers, bookmarks - and any other products he offers in the future. (The studio will be open for viewing/purchases when he's painting, or by appointment.)


Classes are one hour in length. Arriving on time, up to five minutes early, will allow for enough time to learn and explore. Parents are invited to come in and check out what their artist worked on during the final five minutes for Show & Tell. KinderCreatives, RebelKids and Creative Rebels are evening programs. $184 ($160+HST, 8 weeks.)

Most classes are drop & go! Unfortunately, there's not enough room for parents to hang out in the studio during class, but we hope to add some outdoor seating soon.

LilCreatives Playgroup (toddlers & babies) is an experiential program for parents and their kids. They will happen in the studio & outside, weather permitting. These are 45 minutes in length, and comprise of interactive play, guided exploration, music and stories (depending on the day)! LilCreatives is very messy. Saturday mornings. $115 ($100+HST, 8 weeks) + $69 for additional siblings (under 5yo).

The first session of 2022 will be in June + July.

Opening in June, at 4406 County Line Road, Head of Montague.

Session Info

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The playgroup/creative freeplay experience for your little one.

(Recommended: mobile babies up to 5)


Creative discovery and exploration for your kindergarten-aged creative kid.


ages 4-6)


It's an art class.

It's a discovery space.

It's a place where kids can find their voice while building skills - without all the rules.


ages 6-12)


Art classes, rooted in creative processes and creative mindsets. No matter how skilled or experienced, you belong here.

(Recommended: teens, ages 12+)