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I finished this beauty late last night w
When a client says_ “Here’s the theme of


I believe that …


  • beautiful things and spaces matter

  • perfectly imperfect art takes time, energy and purpose


  • the intangible qualities of a piece of art are what make it special; the tingles or giggles or quiet that we experience when looking at art is because a little bit of the soul was sprinkled over the canvas

  • the process is where the magic happens

  • all art is ugly, until it’s not; we just need to believe in it and see it through (the same applies to people, and ourselves)

  • creativity is in everything we do

  • every story has power

  • we learn the most from those who aren’t trying to teach us (including those small moments that shift us)

  • finding art that is just right for us should be easy

  • the art we display should reflect our stories, our vibes, our souls

I am so loving how this piece turned out
I wasn’t going to share this one, but ev
This mixed media piece is waiting to sit
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