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INTRODUCING THE ART BOX: a space for fam

THE ART BOX: an online space for families to connect and build a culture of creativity. 

This community is all about raising creative kids and making creativity a culture in your home. I’ve long believed that art should be a way of life and not just a special event. Now, I’m working to support families build their own creative cultures.


As a dad, artist/writer and elementary school teacher for over a decade, I come loaded with years of experience working with kids, raising kids, and fostering creativity -- not duplicity.


Art matters. Learning to harness the power of their creativity allows kids to take risks, solve problems, communicate, emote, and navigate their lives.

This isn’t a place for cookie cutter crafts — there are plenty of spots online for those (and they’re cute, but that’s not what we do). This is a place to (as Ms. Frizzle would say) take chances, make mistakes and get messy!


I believe that families who explore together set the roots for years of open creativity.


I believe experimenting is the top skill of all Creatives, including everyone from scientists to artists.

Experimenting is where success is born.


I believe the freedom play gives is missed in closed crafts and shut down with All-Knowing-Voices. It is our job to let them play. We should play, too.


I believe creating something tangible is only part of being creative. Creating fearlessly is determined by our abilities to explore, experiment, play and reflect.

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