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It took me a long while to interpret this song. It was when I learned the intention behind the song that it all clicked:


The song is essentially a message to the entire world, the upset that George Harrison felt in regards to the unrealized potential for universal love.


It dialed me right back to All You Need Is Love, and the simplicity that world peace could have: Love. All we need is to love, universally.


Imagine if everyone did.


And so I shifted my original urge to paint it a depressing array of blues, and instead made it a hopeful medley of flowers – including peonies.


Peonies are named for Paeon, the physician of the gods in Greek mythology. Paeon is known for deep healing, even with the worst of wounds. The peony represents a promise of healing and renewal, a balm for the soul.


And with that healing, perhaps we can move closer to universal love.


Acrylic, Oil sealer, Yamaha Eterna EF-31

Original: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

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