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Doing the garden,

Digging the weeds,

Who could ask for more?

Will you still need me, 

Will you still feed me, 

When I’m sixty-four?


Heading into our eleventh season of marriage this summer and our eighteenth of being in lurve, there’s just something so right about this silly, goofy song from the Beatles. The music and the beats and rhythms just sound like my relationship with my partner.


And so, translated into a painting, pulling some of our favourite flowers and some from her wedding bouquet, this hot mess reflects all of that love, chaos and colour that we have for each other and with our kids.


While the song includes a throwaway line about gardening, love and partnership really is like that: doing the garden, digging the weeds. It’s work – hard work, and beautiful work. 


And in different seasons, it blooms and grows.


Hopefully, well beyond 64.



Acrylic, Paint Stick, Oil Pastel

Original: When I'm Sixty-Four (24x24)

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