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As a writer, I’m semi-obsessed with this song. It’s a query letter, something I’ve spent the last four years teaching people how to do in my side job – which, for the record, I no longer do. If you’re not a writer, or if you’re not a well-informed writer, then you may not realize what an absolute shit show of a query letter this is. It’s funny to me because of this, but damn it’s catchy and fun. The Beatles really can do whatever they want, can’t they?


I paired it with Brave New World, a copy of the book I’d stolen from my Grade 11 English class (sorry, Ms. Mac), because I couldn’t get enough of how messed up the story was … and yet, in 2023, I seemed to be living in a world headed that way. 


I’ve always been a writer – maybe it started when my parents would make stories up so I would stay on the potty (they were usually about Dolly Parton, my girl), or maybe it was all that Boxcar Children/Goosebumps/Gordon Korman goodness I stumbled upon through school. Regardless, I’m always telling stories – even through art. I love words, and I love what’s left in the space when certain words are left out. The same thing goes for paint.


Anyway, point is. I want to be a paperback writer.



Acrylic, Paint Stick, Oil Pastel

Original: Paperback Writer (24x30)

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