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It may seem cliché these days, but I really do find this to be the greatest mantra to live by. I struggled with control for so long, especially when I was teaching. I wanted to be able to control outcomes and situations, but that’s just not the way it works. When I learned I could only control my own responses is when I started to grow as a human.


So now, when I struggle, I lean into the words of wisdom from The Beatles: Let it be.


This was the hardest piece to paint for this collection. I struggled to figure out how to reflect and represent the song. In reality, I just needed to let it be. Layers and layers of paint, trusting in the process, listening to the song on repeat, I was able to find the song in the painting. 



Acrylic, Paint Stick, Oil Pastel

Original: Let It Be (30x40)

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