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If you’ve listened to Sir Paul McCartney talk about this song, you’ll know it’s a salad of a song. It’s about this, then it became about that.


In his podcast, A Life In Lyrics, he talks about how he wants the audience to interpret songs in their own way – and in that moment, I realized what a true artist he is. (I mean, obviously – but you know when something you “know” really explicitly hits you? It was that.)


When our third child was born, we named them Jude. Jude hates this song – hates when we sing it, hates when we mention it, just hates it.


So I asked Jude, “Would it be okay if I painted a painting called Hey Jude? It’s a hopeful song for me, and you’re a beautiful piece of my heart and my life. I want to make something that honours you, and plays with the song.”


Jude agreed, and that’s when I learned why it’s a hated song: it sounds too sad. 


Cue the heart break. My sweet, heart-forward five year old doesn’t like a song because the music speaks too strongly to their heart. 


This piece is, for me, an ode to Jude, and to the song. To hope, to possibility, to chasing the bits of gold in the moments that swirl around us. 


I wonder what it will mean to you.



Acrylic, Watercolour, Charcoal, Gold Leaf

Original: Hey Jude (36x48)

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