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Consider This A Message From The Universe: Sometimes, the Universe helps us by showing us signs. It's the little things - a book that opens to the exact page with the words you needed to read; a song that comes on the radio that answers a question you were wondering; a news story focuses on the place you've always wanted to move to, just as you were thinking about how great it would be to do it. If the Universe is whispering to you, then just seeing this card may be the sign you need. And whoever popped into your mind when you saw it - that's the person who needs to this card. Why not send them a literal sign from the Universe?


The Love & Appreciation Collection was designed when I couldn't find general, uplifting cards that didn't have a specific purpose. Sure, birthday and sympathy and good luck cards are wonderful and important; but I was looking for something I could send ... just because. To uplift. To inspire. To remind someone I love them, am thinking of them, or believe in them. So I went to work thinking about the messages I wanted to be able to choose from, and I created them.


These cards are created with my own handwriting and original floral art, superimposing the art over my handwriting. While colourful, vibrant and fun to look at, they really are made from my busy, joyful florals!


The best part is that at 5x7, you can frame these in a standard frame - a kind message + gallery wall art all in one!


Each card comes with a white envelope and is wrapped in protective cellophane.


Please note that this listing is only for Message From The Universe.

Message From The Universe - 5x7 Greeting Card

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