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To view the dummy for FLOWERS IN MY HAIR, please click the PDF icon on the left. This will open the file in your browser. Two sample spreads are included below. (As always, I am wide open to revisions.)

This book follows a boy who doesn’t quite fit with the other kids. He lives in his own vibrant and colorful world: dancing when everyone else runs and wearing flowers in his hair - something boys shouldn’t do, his peers tell him. But with their pressure, he tries to conform to their ways and loses all the color in his world. And he can live with that. 


Except that he can’t.


With illustrations that begin in full color, and then fade as he loses himself, he must learn that loving and being who you are, no matter what others think, is the only way to live a beautiful life. After all, flowers are for everyone.

Untitled_Artwork 11.jpg
Flowers_In_My_Hair 2.jpg
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