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I'm often asked to donate time or products or services, so I want to be clear on what I can offer, and to whom I can offer it. I would love to give everyone everything ... but then I would be out of time, money and energy - and that's not fair to anyone.

Parties & Workshops

I will donate one party a year for auction-type fundraisers, only where the cause receiving the money is related to education or children. The winner must claim the party within 6 months. 

I will not host parties, "paint nights" or workshops at a discounted or free rate for fundraising.

Art & Products

I will donate to four causes throughout each calendar year: one per season (January-March, April-May, June-August, September-December). The cause must be related to education or children.



The cause must provide a charitable tax receipt.

I reserve the right to donate additional pieces and services at my discretion. 


GET SOMETHING: Send me an email and let me know who you are, what your charity does, when you need it, what you'd like, and if you can offer a tax receipt. I will get back to you with a yes or a no. Please don't be sad if I say no - it just means I have already given what I can give. 

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