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Are YOU A Creative (Tired) Parent?


I get it. I am, too.

With four kids in tow, I'm making it my mission to help (tired) parents (re)discover their creativity.

But maybe you don't even feel like a creative person. You just know there's got to be more - some kind of outlet. Something.

Maybe you used to feel creative, and then you had kids, and now you miss it.

Maybe you think that "creative" and "creativity" are words reserved for a special sort of person. 

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YAY! Thank you for committing to creativity.

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GET THE FREE creative (tired) Parents

eBook & updates on course release

dates here:

YAY! Thank you for committing to creativity.


But the truth is: every single person is creative - or practiced that skill, in some way, at some point - and can again. 

We so often tout the importance of creativity with kids - but we often forget about the adults around them. And the truth is, if the adults aren't living it, then the kids aren't seeing the long-term impact of living creatively.

Have you ever felt the pull to make something, to be creative, to paint or draw or write or craft? But you don't know what it is you want to do, or that thing became a job, or it's too hard to set it up, and you're just too tired. Maybe when they're teens ... or when they move out. Maybe when you retire.

But it doesn't have to wait.

In fact, it really shouldn't wait.

It's crucial to have creative homes for our creative kids, and that includes us - their caregivers. 

So that's where this all comes in.

Late 2021, the first course Creative (Tired) Parents will help you get past the parent-guilt, learn to set yourself up for success, keep you accountable to your own creative goals and dreams, and teach you a variety of art tips, tools and techniques that you can run with. You'll work through a series of tasks and reflections, create brand new things, and develop habits and routines. By the end of the course, you're still gonna be tired ... but you'll be a bit more fulfilled, and a whole lot happier.

And coming in 2022, Creative Families: Cultivating Creative Cultures will help you dig into creativity for the whole family, with everything from how to get started, how to talk about creativity and artwork with your family, how to store and record all the stuff your creative kids make, and deep into the processes and projects you can dive into with the whole family, no matter what age your kids are. By the end of the course, art will be a culture - not a special event.

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