I'm a writer and a reader and a creative maker. I've always been all three of these things. Writing, drawing, painting, reading, making anything at all. 


For me, it's always been books. The smell. The feeling of old paper or new paper in between my fingers. The texture of the cover, the fonts inside. The vintage illustrations and the modern ones, too. The feelings evoked with a simple line; with a simple phrase. The memory of that one winter vacation before I had kids when we sat under quilts and read for four days without stopping. The calm. The silence. The wild images in my head. 


The look of a bookshelf filled with experiences and memories. The hope of a pile of unread stories. The exhileration of typing in: Chapter One.


This new brand - That Book Artist - is a lifetime of experiences and feelings wrapped up in illustrations, sayings and surface design. 


When a client messaged me about a custom order in late 2017, she insisted that both orders feature stacks of books. This was what had drawn her to my work in the first place. And then another did the same. And another. I found myself experimenting with book pages more than in the past, and rather than using the old pages as a backdrop to the painting, they became a huge part of the paintings; they became the entire theme. 


I've always been called to stories and art and movies about books. About readers and writers. Everything I make is in service of my story - of story telling and making and my own unique story (we all have several). It only makes sense that I focus all of this love into my art making.


The first line, coming soon, is called "Reading By The Lamp Light," and is about exactly what the name evokes: those cozy moments spent reading by the lamplight. If you already follow my social media as Patrick Guindon, then you've seen some glimpses of what's to come. My new social media, under the handle That Book Artist (on Facebook and Instagram) will share these images and more. I'll have this art available on all kinds of products soon, using a new shop on Society6. 

As Morris Lessmore's story says, "And so began his life among the books."

Bibliophiles Unite!


~ That Book Artist

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