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Patrick Guindon

Artist + Art Coach

Classes, workshops, camps, playgroup

A creative kids birthday party or celebration!
Get out of your head and into the art. 

Virtual or in person!

“You take these kids who hold themselves to such perfection, and get so upset and shut dow

The vision behind the studio:

Creativity is something we all have access to, but at some point in childhood, we decide whether we’re one of the “chosen few.”


Creative Rebel Studio is rooted in the belief that we can help more children grow into their creativity, and that families can become creative safe havens for every member.


We’re committed to helping kids and adults heal their art scars and find creative processes and practices that suit their own souls.


Patrick Guindon ("Gain-doe") is a professional artist, illustrator, writer and elementary school teacher. After thirteen in the classroom, Patrick left to pursue his dreams - including teaching kids and adults to embrace their creativity, without the red tape and strict rules of traditional, systematic education systems.


In lessons, you won't find step-by-step instructions. Rather, artists are guided, exposed to new techniques, ideas, mediums and approaches, and classes move with the interest and skill level of each individual and class.


To view our May, June, July, and August 2024 calendar of events, classes, and hours, please click the arrows to slide through.


To view the full calendar, click on the image.

If you have any questions about the schedule of events, please reach out to

This page was last updated on June 28, 2024.

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Arty Parties are mini workshops for kids, to celebrate anything from birthdays to summer time! Recommended ages: 4 to 14. Note we can adjust the activities to age appropriate, including "aging up" workshops for older kids, up to 18. Over 18, we'd book a workshop, which is more in-depth and typically paid by each artist (not by the parents of the birthday artist).

Each party includes instructor time for 2 hours, all supplies and materials, and each party animal will take home their beautiful art at the end.

Cost for 2 hours of studio workshop time: $25/artist, minimum cost of $150 + HST.

Want to use the studio space for cake and gifts, too? Add on post-workshop party time for $25/hour + HST. (We have a small fridge & freezer to store your ice cream & drinks!)

Adults are welcome to stay or go!

Arty Party Packages:

  • Monsters

  • Aliens

  • Fantastic Flowers

  • Creativity Bar (open-ended access to most of the art supplies, including one canvas per artist)

  • Potions & Paint

Times available:

Fridays evenings (book 2 hour party + optional add-on time)

Saturdays after 1pm until 9pm (book 2 hour party + optional add-on time) Please go to the booking tool to see if your time is available. If it is grey, it's already been booked!

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I got so lost in this painting today that I was nearly late for #DayJob. This palette has



Workshops are more in-depth than Arty Parties, but can be geared toward kids, teens, and/or adults - including any combination of kids, teens, and adults.

Workshops with Patrick are ideal for anyone ... but especially for people who feel like they can't make art. Maybe you're scared, or maybe you simply believe you don't have it in you. Maybe someone gave you a major art-scar at a young age. Regardless, this is a safe space and Patrick works hard to keep it focused on the creative process rather than the final product, allowing you to make messy mistakes and still come out feeling great.

Typical workshops are 1.5 to 3 hours, depending on the artist. We begin with 15-25 minutes of instruction, where some example skills are given in addition to learning about the creative process and finding your own creative voice. From there, Patrick gives more examples as requested, and provides just-in-time feedback and options to help you maximize your project, while honouring your voice and skill level.

Pricing: a minimum of four artists, up to eight artists

$80 + HST per artist

(Note the minimum price is $320+HST. If you have a smaller group or want a smaller event, the base rate of $320 or the cost for four artist is required to cover instructor time, use of space, prep and clean up time, and materials.)

Workshops Available:

  • Lovely Lupins: learn the art of painting beautiful lupins

  • Fabulous Florals: an in-depth workshop into Patrick's unique process of painting florals

  • Motivational Mantras: the art of selecting or writing the right mantra for you, and some basic guidance into how to compose and structure a painting that is rooted in the textual elements of the words

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I got so lost in this painting today that I was nearly late for #DayJob. This palette has


Gather in the studio for a hands-on, messy art play group!

We begin at 9am and go until 10am, but if you need to leave early, that's up to you! We start with a short read aloud so we can set a vibe and make everyone comfy.

Then, we move into open play time. Each week, we bring in new centres and bring back some from the weeks prior. The combination of familiar art play and new experiences will help with comfort, access, and risk taking.

Expect for this to be a messy experience! 

The kids will be able to move around between centres as they wish. If they choose to spend all of their time at the paint-and-wash centre, it's all good! If they blip around from centre to centre every minute or two, that's also great! This experience is intended to be all about exposure to art materials, fine motor development opportunities, and the social aspect of being with other kiddos!

The overall philosophy of the studio is the power of process art. This means little adult direction or redirection, and the ability to make a mess and feel the art. It's never about a final product. 


So what's your role? Simple! Be with your artist(s) and talk with them about what they're doing, help them hold things, but let them lead.


Unlike classes, there is no direct instruction and the structure is loose. 


Tuesdays from 9:00 to 10:00am -- for mobile babies up to five (not yet in school).



** Have more than one kid for the group in your family? We've got a sibling rate! (Does not apply to friends.)

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